As I watch my sleeping baby

As I watch my sleeping baby

As I rushed past her Moses basket for the fifteenth time this morning, I stopped walking and looked at my baby. I mean, I kept both feet on the ground, stopped thinking about the next thing I had to do, and really looked at my daughter. That’s all I did. I just watched her.

She is six weeks old today. She is beautiful. She is my baby Jasmin, my mini mouse, my second child. She is her father’s daddy’s girl already. She is a constant source of wonder for her older brother. She is the little girl who makes our family complete.


But as I stopped and looked this morning, at her small mouth and nose and her amazing head of black hair, I realised I wasn’t spending enough time looking.

Too much of this life is spent rushing around my sleeping child. It is spent trying to finish one task to move on to the next. It is spent trying to meet a deadline, to fold laundry, to catch up on emails. It is spent moving from one job to the next without anytime between them to breathe and watch and think.

And so, I stopped. I looked at her while she slept, a beautiful bundle swaddled up and dreaming of only the good things, and I did nothing else. I took the time to really see her. Who will you be one day little girl? What will you do and what will you like? What will you shy away from, what adventures will you seek out? You have everything ahead of you.

Tomorrow and the next day and the days after that, I will take the time to really look again. Jasmin is changing and growing before my eyes. I must stop what I’m doing in this life from time to time to watch her do that. Her brother Milin lives this life at 100 miles an hour. That wont stop me from doing the same with him too.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean with this. I’m always rushing around, perhaps even faster than William, and yet I don’t stop and smell the roses. I miss fleeting moments, a smile, a discovery, and yet I always see the bubbles in the sink or the fluff on the carpet. I need to slow down. You’ve reminded me! xx

  2. This is so lovely and so true. Our youngest is 3 next month, and I’m realising I’ve been so busy functioning in the bustle of everyday as a mother of three that I’ve neglected to stop and really *look*.

  3. This is a good reminder. Life with second child seems even more rushed than with the first. I know I get caught up too much in my “to dos”…but after reading this, I will make a conscious effort to stop and look. Because I get sappy quite often about them growing up too fast…so I need to stop and take notice. Xo

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